An old school classic and still the most popular method, Plush has full service water car washes for those who love an old school wash. At Plush we offer a high-pressure water wash which is great for really dirty and muddy cars.
Treat your car to the Plush treatment!

The Plush Formula
The Plush Formula

We use our own specially formulated products, that we have perfected over years with our in-house chemical team to ensure your car looks clean and sparkling.

Water Services
Water Services

Our water car washes offer a variety of services such as mini and full valets, undercarriage washes, engine cleans, polishes, leather and aircon treatments and more. We also stock a variety of air fresheners to keep your car smelling fresh.

The Water Team
The Water Team

Our water car wash teams are constantly learning and given on-site training on new and innovative services and for added peace of mind, Plush has fully comprehensive insurance and liability cover should the need ever arise.


Plush is the only carwash company in South Africa to offer water, steam and waterless services. We also offer a range of other services – valets, engine cleaning, leather treatments and the cleaning and sanitizing of car seats and prams and so much more.

Plush is fully aware of the need to protect the environment and scarce resources such as water. Where possible we recycle our water, and some of our branches where we are able, we have water recycling systems. The chemicals we choose are those which will do the best job and the least damage to the environment.
Whenever you have something on the paintwork which might cause damage, such as tree sap, bird poop, traffic film and most importantly whenever you want to impress!
A full valet – which includes a wash, dry, vacuum, wheels, tyres, leather, polish, seats, carpets, boot & engine clean – can take up to two to four hours, depending on how dirty the car is and whether you have cloth or leather seats (cloth seats need additional drying time)
No, but it can get busy so we suggest coming first thing in the morning, if possible!
Who doesn’t love a shiny car? Polishing of your car is beneficial as it protects the paintwork and will help with your resale value of your car in the future.



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